What is Game Patch/Keygen/Crack and where can I found it?

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Software crackingTechnically speaking, there are four different ways in which a gamer can fix a software program or crack the program to get complete access to its features. These four ways are through the use of cracks, patches, keygens or serials. By fixing a program what is actually meant is making use of a tool or method to bypass whatever code is making that software not be free and then proceeding to use it for free instead of having to pay for it. This means playing free games for gamers! Of the four methods, keygens are simply the best while cracks are on the crude side.

With a crack, in essence, you have a modified EXE of the main program. With it, you have a modified version of the main or original file. The problem with this method however is when the program is updated then the program will go back to its original ‘pre-cracked’ state. This means that you will have to work on finding the crack of the newest version of the game. Alternatively, you can avoid updating your game. Patches on the other hand are a better version of cracks. With patches, the cracker makes use of a separate program and applies it to an installed application in a bid to make a cracked file say an DLL or EXE file. And much like the crack, it too faces the drawback of going back to the ‘pre-cracked’ state when the program is updated.

With a Keygen, you don’t have to modify anything in the actual program, but rather, all you have to do is to generate the right registration data for a given program using whoever information you prefer for example, a name, company or email. Keygen are mostly preferred by the gaming community The best thing about keygens is that you don’t have to worry about anything. You can enjoy the latest updates of the games as well without any tension.

Much as there are plenty of places to find fixes to the software or game you wish to play for free, care needs to be taken as to which ‘fix’ you decide to go with. As mentioned above, you can see that some ‘fixes’ are of a temporary nature for example the cracks and in some instances the patches.