If you arrived here, you are probably one of the many persons in the world for whom a computer is an ongoing source of knowledge in more ways than one. Users have been testing their boundaries for some time now, trying to do their best to learn the inner works of the nuts and bolts that bring computers to life. That curiosity entangled in the human gene is what makes us want to understand how things work. Most of the times the knowledge we gather can be quite useful if we feel like trying our hand at fixing our equipment after a minor failure. EpiPhantastic is here to help you get a better handle of the tech you have to crack open all their secrets.

Our website has been established with the sole purpose of studying diverse aspects of computer-related technology. We, as users ourselves, have felt the need to know how everything inside the framework of our PC’s work. Our curiosity eventually led us to search for more knowledge and learn more about the code created by programmers to keep this alternate universe known as the internet working. We share the result of our curious minds with people like you, who need to understand how things work. We hope you are up for the ride and use this information wisely. We plan to share everything we learn with you for as long as you let us in with each visit.

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