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WeChat hack tool is an ultimate messenger spying app

For last few weeks looks like my eyes only falling on this kind of software like WeChat hack tool is. And I’m not even surprised because there are already of bunch of messaging apps for mobile phones which list is never endless. From beginning stages when only

5 Tips to speed up your Slow Windows PC

While using your pc, there is nothing as nagging as having to endure a slow working pc-especially if you have a lot to do! Normally, a quick reboot will do the trick however there may be instances when even this doesn’t work. There are a number of things that could result in a slow PC… Read More »

How to Hack Facebook Account Using Special Software

We have used to see many technology miracles in past few years, and this one is about How to hack Facebook account with using a software specially developed for this purpose. Since Facebook social network is already more then decade old, a hackers are inventing new methods to crack someones account every day. Most of… Read More »

Technology Today: Kids are Skilled Hackers

With the advancements in technology and the free access to gadgets by kids, it is no wonder that many children have turned hackers. Forget about hacking into simple sites but some kids have been able to penetrate even some of the more perceived hard sites to hack. The question is how innocent children turn to… Read More »