5 Tips to speed up your Slow Windows PC

Speed up PCWhile using your pc, there is nothing as nagging as having to endure a slow working pc-especially if you have a lot to do! Normally, a quick reboot will do the trick however there may be instances when even this doesn’t work. There are a number of things that could result in a slow PC and we will take a look as some of them plus possible remedies to the problems.

Something might be consuming precious resources
There could be something(s) that is consuming precious resources on your PC which you need to find and fix. You need to find out what is consuming your CPU resources and fix it as soon as possible. In order to find out the possible culprit, you need to turn to the ‘Task Manager’ on your PC. Besides looking for it in the search option of the ‘Start’ button you can also press Ctrl+Shift+Escape. On the interface that comes up, select the “Memory”, “CPU” or “Disk” headers in order to find out which applications may be utilizing a lot of your PC’S resources. In case you wish to cut out the excessive use of resources then you need to select the application that is the culprit and select ‘End Task’ to shut it down.

Cut down on Animations
Animations tend to consume a lot of CPU memory on your PC which is why it is important to cut down on them. In order to reduce animations, simply press the Windows Key + X and select the “Advanced System Settings”. You will then need to select the ‘settings’ button under performance and make suitable adjustments under the ‘Adjust for better performance’ tab. This means disabling all the animations or selecting the ‘custom’ option if you wish to only disable particular animations.

Scan your PC for Malware and Adware
Sometimes malware or adware may cause your PC to slow down. In this case you need to scan your PC with an antivirus program in an attempt to find and remove the malware or adware.

Free up disk space
A hard drive that is nearly full may also result in a slow PC. As such, you need to look into freeing up some space on your PC. The Disk Cleanup tool should come in handy in this instance.

Uninstall programs that you don’t use
You need to look into uninstalling programs that you don’t use from your PC since they are consuming valuable space and adding up to your PC’s slowness.

How to Hack Facebook Account with Software

Facebook hacking softwareWe have used to see many technology miracles in past few years, and this one is about How to hack Facebook account with using a software specially developed for this purpose.
Since Facebook social network is already more then decade old, a hackers are inventing new methods to crack someones FB account every day. Most of these methods usually gets sealed by Facebook very fast as soon their staff members discovers them. It’s their most important duty to keep profiles of their users safe so they can continue using the world No.1 leading social media site so it would be a disaster for Facebook is its users migrate to some other social network if they feel unsafe for their accounts of getting hacked.

Currently the newest trick black hat coders invented is a way to how to hack Facebook accounts with special software they’ve built for that. And by now FB staff team still didn’t find a right patch to stop Facebook passwords getting cracked with it. It functions with a specific system of using an exploit from FB’s database from which this tool drains sensitive information like login passwords of users. And that’s not all it can steal. Your phone numbers, messages and all your secrets stored in your profile such as activity log, email address and such are exposed too.
A principle what motivates creators of this application to update it and make it working is a “Nothing is 100% secured on internet“, which they have proved with making their app. Now it’s matter of time when (if) this method to hack Facebook will get sealed by its official operatives.

Why do people hack social media accounts you might ask.

To try this program by yourself while it still works you can get it from the link above where their developers upload it. Just make sure to have a good antivirus protection because these kind of tools are usually binded with other malware/spying executable files which can infect or hack your PC if you are not protected or educated enough to recognize it.
Use Facebook hack tool just for personal educational need. It’s strongly against the law to use this software to get login information (email/password) of other people accounts. So just try it for fun while it’s still working and delete it from your computer after using.

Technology Today: Kids are Skilled Hackers

Kid hacker programmerWith the advancements in technology and the free access to gadgets by kids, it is no wonder that many children have turned hackers. Forget about hacking into simple sites but some kids have been able to penetrate even some of the more perceived hard sites to hack. The question is how innocent children turn to hackers? Is it just a presence of gadgets and internet access plus loads of information that influences them? Or is it what they see in the movies? No matter the answer to the question, the fact remains that plenty of children are skilled in programming and hacking nowadays than they were say in the 1990s or early 2000s.

Naturally speaking, children are curious human beings. This means that a computer class with a basic syllabus will spur the curious child’s mind and lead him or her to seek further knowledge. This will mean reading up on the subject further and finding creative ways to utilize the knowledge learned. The end-result is that if that knowledge is channeled in the wrong direction, then the child ends up being a unethical programmer or hacker that gets into places he or she is not supposed to.

Trouble comes when the child pays no mind to security features put in place that is meant to protect sensitive information and the child lands on a website or server that they have no business being part of. For example, imagine a child hacking into the FBI database and having access to secret files. When such an incident occurs, imagine how much attention that child will get not to mention the repercussions.

Another example is how group of children from Malaysia who managed to code application which could successfully hack Gmail account password using its exploit they detected. They’ve used email hacker (software) for purposes to break inside several Gmail accounts and stole user passwords.

It is important that children should be taught about the difference between ethical and unethical hacking. Once they understand the difference and the consequences they would be able to use their knowledge and skills in the right direction. So, it is important that we work on this to make sure that our young generation use their skills in the constructive way.

All in all, much as technology serves a purpose of making today’s living blissful, it also does affect privacy and security for many and use of programming skills should be done responsibly.

If you want to read more about this tipic read a PCWorld’s article about kids hackers.

What is Game Patch/Keygen/Crack and where can I found it?

Software crackingTechnically speaking, there are four different ways in which a gamer can fix a software program or crack the program to get complete access to its features. These four ways are through the use of cracks, patches, keygens or serials. By fixing a program what is actually meant is making use of a tool or method to bypass whatever code is making that software not be free and then proceeding to use it for free instead of having to pay for it. This means playing free games for gamers! Of the four methods, keygens are simply the best while cracks are on the crude side.

With a crack, in essence, you have a modified EXE of the main program. With it, you have a modified version of the main or original file. The problem with this method however is when the program is updated then the program will go back to its original ‘pre-cracked’ state. This means that you will have to work on finding the crack of the newest version of the game. Alternatively, you can avoid updating your game. Patches on the other hand are a better version of cracks. With patches, the cracker makes use of a separate program and applies it to an installed application in a bid to make a cracked file say an DLL or EXE file. And much like the crack, it too faces the drawback of going back to the ‘pre-cracked’ state when the program is updated.

With a Keygen, you don’t have to modify anything in the actual program, but rather, all you have to do is to generate the right registration data for a given program using whoever information you prefer for example, a name, company or email. Keygen are mostly preferred by the gaming community The best thing about keygens is that you don’t have to worry about anything. You can enjoy the latest updates of the games as well without any tension.

Much as there are plenty of places to find fixes to the software or game you wish to play for free, care needs to be taken as to which ‘fix’ you decide to go with. As mentioned above, you can see that some ‘fixes’ are of a temporary nature for example the cracks and in some instances the patches.